Wotan, Eagle and Raven

Size: 3.3cm x 3.3cm

Odin/ Wotan/ Woden is the chieftain of the northern Gods and Goddesses, and is known as the "Allfather" for his leading role in the creation the world from the body of the giant YMIR. His name is derived from the ancient Germanic word for "fury", and it still designates Wednesday, or "Woden's day" as his sacred day of the week.
He is the patron God of Shammans, Magicians, Poets and Warriors - all of whom were described as being "seized" by Odin while in their state of divine inspiration and intoxication. Odin discovered the Runes and gave them to mankind. He is a God of consiousness, communication and the intellectual powers of the mind. He directly inspires his followers with esoteric insight, understanding, visions and ecstatic trances.

Price: $90.00

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