Valkyrie with Braid

Size: 4.1cm x 2.3cm

Known since the earliest times, and meaning "choosers of the slain", the Valkyries are the "adopted daughters" of Odin and the handmaidens of Freyja. These protective female guardian spirits, sometimes present since birth, hover over the head of their chosen, constantly shielding them physically, spiritually and psychologically from weapons and harmful magic, aiding them and bringing them luck. Appearing in dreams and vision, Valkyries embody the highest aspect of one's soul, and empowered with an independent awareness, they act as both the mediator between her chosen and Odin. As the agents of his will, they serve their chosen as a spiritual guide and teacher. Naturally delighting in all strife, they continually use it to challenge and inspire their students by leading them on the difficult path of higher wisdom and growth through trials in the fires of conflict which strengthens and tempers the noble soul. To the successful initiates, they are bringers of victory, fertility, esoteric wisdom, and to the worthy they serve drinking horns of Odroerir, the mystic mead of divine knowledge and Odinic inspirations. Being chosen by the Valkyries at the time of one's death, to join the noble souls that fill the Halls of Odin and Freyja, was reward for true and faithful service once earthly life is over.

Price: $65.00

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