Size: 6.5cm x 1.8cm

The son of SIF, Stepson of THOR, and husband to SKADI, Uller is the ancient Germanic Sky God of Winter and Death, The Lord of northern lakes and mountains, the patron God of warriors, hunters, and magicians, ULLER offered aid and protection to his followers in conflicts and in battle, survival and travel in the harsh winter climates. A popular God with many temples in the North, farmers would make offerings to him to ensure a thick blanket of snow for their feilds, to make the land more fruitfull when the spring came.

Clad in furs and reputed to have knowlege of shapeshifting and Rune magic, He would participate in the Wild Hunt, and is said to dwell in a sacred grove of Yew, from where he sends out the brilliant lights of the Aurora Borealis which illuminates the Northern sky during its' long winter nights.

Known by the name - HOLLER - by the early Germanic tribes, both names are related to "glory" and "magesty" and has been closely associated with the Vanir. Places named after him are almost always near other places bearing the names of FREYR, FREYJA, NJORD, or SKADI.

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