Ulfhednar (Wolf Warrior)

Size: 4cm x 2cm

Known since the earliest times, these select Warrior-Mystics strove to reach the mighty halls of Asgard, the realm of the Gods. By transcending normal consciousness they unite themselves with the cosmic purpose of being, and play a vital role on the constant struggle for life as allies of the Gods against the destructive powers of chaos and eternal death. These devotees, known as the "adopted son's of Odin", represented the highest warrior aspect of Odinic inspiration and intention. Wearing the skins of wolves and bears, they practiced shapeshifting by inducing an ecstatic, frenzied trance state of consciousness for the ecstasy of battle, which inspired and intoxicated them to such madness that they felt neither fear nor pain, granting them superhuman strength, a true blessing from the God of Victory! Shown engaged in a ritual spear dance, and dedicating himself to Victory, deep in a trance state of spiritual fury and divine inspiration. These warriors of the self that nobly lived and died in the God's service, had entry to Odin's halls.

Price: $95.00

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