Tyrs’ Bracteate

Size: 3.5cm x 3cm

TYR is one the most ancient of the Germanic Sky Gods, his name is derived from the ancient Indo-European word for God, and he gives his name to Tuesday.
Tyr is the mighty God of Martial Honour, Courage, Wisdom, Victory, Cosmic Balance and Justice, and as such, his symbols are The Irminsul, the Tiwaz Rune, and the Sword. As the patron of the law and the keeper of sacred oaths, he presided over the Allthing - the ancient Germanic court of law and the forerunner to our present legal system.

Mythically, the courageous TYR spared the lives of all living things when he willingly sacraficed his hand to the jaws of the fearsome Giant wolf FENRIS who is destined to one-day swallow the Sun at the end of the world.

Price: $100.00

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