Odin’s Spear

Size: 6.5cm x 1.8cm

In the ancient poem "The Havamal", Odin recounts his shamanic initiation, how he was pierced with his own spear was hung on the World tree as a sacrifice of his self to his "higher self", and thus gain in esoteric knowledge and power. His spear, created by dwarfs deep within the earth, is named GUNGNIR (meaning "the swayer") and is one of the great treasures of the ancient Gods. Gungnir is the symbolic tool of consecration and dedication, which Odin utilizes to affect the Web of fate, using it to stir-up strife in the world of mankind, thereby stimulating our need to grow and evolve as he seeks out worthy candidates to fill his hall. Our representation of the mighty spear held sacred to Odin, is beautifully embellished with the Valknot, and the Runic symbol of Gungnir from Anglo Saxon Futhark on the reverse.

Price: $145.00

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