Size: 3.8cm x 3cm

Renowned for his wisdom and cunning, Odin journeyed far and wide over the 9 worlds of the universe, riding his mighty 8 legged horse named Sleipnir (which means "slippy") accompanied by his two ravens who bring him tidings from afar, and his two wolves. The best of horses, Sleipnir is the product of the union between Loki, the God of mischief (who had assumed the form of a mare) and a Giant stallion. Able to bear Odin through the air, Sleipnir is the typical steed of the Shaman as he travels along the World tree - YGGDRASIL; whose branches stretch high over heaven and earth and had roots that passed through the realms of the Gods, mankind, Giants and the Underworld. Our representation depicts Odin immersed in an ecstatic state of consciousness, brandishing his sacred spear while riding Sleipnir through the worlds of the Universe.

Price: $75.00

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