Size: 3.3cm x 2cm

One of the most evocative symbols of the Viking Age is the longship. To the Teutonic peoples, the ship was not just a means of transport, but played an overwhelming part of their spiritual and cultural developement. Its' use in fertillity and funeral rites is both ancient and strong, harking back to the earliest times.

Appearing on many early Bronze Age rock carvings as the vehicle of the Gods and Goddess's, particularly Wotan and the Vanic deities ( and often depicted with the SunWheel and Horse) when traveling between the worlds, bringing the fruitful blessings of life to the realm of mankind and return to their heavenly halls bearing with them the souls of the Noble Dead. The symbolic use of the Ship as the means of otherworldly travel is defined by its association with life, death, rebirth, esoteric knowlege and fertility.

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