Indunna’s Apple with Sunwheel

Size: 2.1cm x 1.8cm

Idunna is the Goddess of eternal spring, immortal youth and vitality. Idunna is the wife of Bragi, and the gaurdian of the Golden Apples of Imortality, she alone has the authority to pick these sacred apples which grow on the tree of life itself: Yggdrasil. Representing fertillity, youthful vigour and vibrant life force, Idunna shares her magical apples with the Gods and Goddesses everyday to bestow immortal youth and beauty upon all who partook of them. Idunna carefully gaurds her golden apples in her magic basket as they are considered the most prized treasures of Asgard, and no matter how many she withdraws from her basket, the same number always remains for distribution at the feasts of the Gods.

Price: $54.00

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