Frigga’s Bracteate

Size: 3.9cm x 3.3cm

Frigga is the Queen of the Gods, the noble matron Goddess of congugal love, motherhood, parenting, family unity, the household, and the Guardian of women during Pregnancy and child birth. The sister to the Earth Goddess JORD, wife to Odin, and the mother of Baldur, Frigga claimed the souls of children, married lovers, mothers, and tender parents to dwell in her hall FENSALIR.

As a Goddess of the atmosphere, she wove the clouds with her distaff and wheel, sending Midgard her blessings of fertility and growth. As the most ancient and important of all the Goddesses, Frigga is competent, powerfull and intelligent. It is her common sense and familly love that binds the home and tribe together. Without her influence the very basis of the home, family and society could not exist.

Price: $100.00

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