Danish Horse

Size: 4.3cm x 3cm

Held Sacred since great antiquity, the Horse is considered to be both a solar and a lunar animal, its flowing mane representing the brilliant rays of the sun while the sickle shape of the hoof reveals its link to the cresent moon. As such the Horse is the beast which carries the wagons of the Sun and the Moon across the sky.

A potent symbol of intelligence, grace, strength, virality, fertillity and is the commonly the shammans' vehicle to otherworldly journeys. Images of Horses appear on many early Bronze Age rock carvings depicting ancient scences of fertillity rights. The Stallion is held especially sacred to Freyr and Wotan, who would sometimes take residence in the body of a one of the Horses kept at their temples. These Horses contained Cosmic wisdom and were consulted by priests who would decypher their neighs and snorts in divinity rites.

Price: $100.00

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